Play and Imagine -Doll

  • College Savings Dolls unique new concept dolls that provide a positive role model for girls.
  • Realistic 15" doll that is scaled from a real college girl.  
  • Career option clothing lets them play and imagine what they can be when they grow up. 
  • The dolls promote a healthy realistic body image. (not a fashion doll with unrealistic characteristics).

Save and Succeed  - Website

Our website teaches children and parents to create a partnership together with a common goal; the importance of saving today for their college education. Using the website as a tool together, they can see the cost of college and start to plan.

  • Provides links/information about colleges, tuition costs, and room and board costs.  
  • Information about savings accounts, 529 plans and savings bonds. 
  • Financial calculator to help with goals and gets you started in the right direction.
  • Scholarship links, websites, and books. 

"My own daughter immediately spent hours herself with Deanna, and she has become a staple amongst her other dolls that she plays with."

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"My children ADORE these dolls!"

My daughter (6 yrs.) and my son (4 yrs.) received Deanna and Jessica
along with the piggy banks and reflective bags and they have not stopped playing with them since they were opened. My kids have slept with their dolls, been on bike rides with them, and Deanna and Jessica have actually joined us at the dinner table each night. As a mom, the best part about owning these two new friends is the conversations we have had since their arrival. My daughter, especially, has asked so many questions about college it’s unbelievable. “What is college? What will I do there? Can I learn how to be an astronaut there?” And my personal favorite, “Can I bring my doll to college too?” I actually had a vision of Deanna sitting on the shelf in my daughter’s dorm room, all tattered and used from years of playful love. I can honestly say it is so refreshing to see my kids playing with a realistic sized doll (that is not naked!! Thank you!) that is themed around the idea of saving money for their future education. Every coin in my house has been enthusiastically dropped into these great piggy banks. Thank you College Savings Dolls!!! Love them!!
- Alisa (Chicago, IL)

My College Savings Story:

I started a 529 account through Fidelity for each of my children when they were around 3 and four years old.  I started with $1,000.00 for each child from some savings bonds.  I added $100.00 per month for about 6 years, which was a total of $8,200.00 deposited for each child.  My son is a freshman in college and his 529 balance was at $23,000.00.  This means the account grew $15,000.00 in additional funds (interest, dividends, appreciation).  My other son has one more year before he starts college, and his 529 is currently valued at $24,500.00. 

I am trying to help people realize that saving at an early age and adding small amounts on a regular basis will make a big difference in their college savings accounts.  Start as early as possible; if you can start when they are born, imagine how much you can save for their future.  You don't have to save for all four years, just save what you can, and remember it's not just you saving.  It's your money growing over time. 

Patty Errera
College Savings Dolls, Inc.


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We hope you love your new College Savings Dolls!

dolls - with different stories and appearances
banks - mechanical piggy banks, and dog banks
doll clothes - career choices will grow as our doll concept grows
books - childrens books on positive body image and savings ideas
dress up - childrens dress up graduation cap and gown

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