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  • Why did you start College Savings Dolls?

    This is a question we have been asked hundreds of times so here goes… “I promised to make twenty-five “remember kindergarten” scrapbooks for the kids in the class and they are due tomorrow. Can you come over and help me?” pleads Patty. That is a huge project and I have my own to do so, I volley-back with, “Well, if I do, can you help me paint my gazebo?” Immediately with desperation in her voice, Patty responds, “Of course, what time can you come over?”             ...

  • 3 Real-World Money Tips for Little Kids

    Teaching kids about money doesn't have to be a chore. Using everyday teachable moments may cost you a little time but, you will definitely thank yourself later. 1.) Cards in the mail = money. Why did Grandma send me this?

  • Play Guides You Can Get Free

    Started thinking about my Grandma on Sept. 11th because it is National Grandparents Day. I always loved “playing” Barbie‘s with my Grandma.