Play and Imagine -Doll

  • College dolls promote the importance of education and empowering little girls.
  • Dolls that become lifelong friends, sisters, and help each other.
  • Little girls love playing with these dolls that represent their future dreams.
  • Career option clothing lets children play and imagine that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up.

Save and Succeed  - Website

Our website is friendly and informative for both children and parents to create a partnership together with a common goal; the importance of their education and being prepared..

  • Provides information and links about colleges, tuition costs.
  • Information about different options to save for college, 529 plans.
  • Books, scholarship links and website that prepare for college.

"My own daughter immediately spent hours herself with Deanna, and she has become a staple amongst her other dolls that she plays with."

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"My children ADORE these dolls!"

My daughter (6 yrs.) and my son (4 yrs.) received Deanna and Jessica
along with the piggy banks and reflective bags and they have not stopped playing with them since they were opened. My kids have slept with their dolls, been on bike rides with them, and Deanna and Jessica have actually joined us at the dinner table each night. As a mom, the best part about owning these two new friends is the conversations we have had since their arrival. My daughter, especially, has asked so many questions about college it’s unbelievable. “What is college? What will I do there? Can I learn how to be an astronaut there?” And my personal favorite, “Can I bring my doll to college too?” I actually had a vision of Deanna sitting on the shelf in my daughter’s dorm room, all tattered and used from years of playful love. I can honestly say it is so refreshing to see my kids playing with a realistic sized doll (that is not naked!! Thank you!) that is themed around the idea of saving money for their future education. Every coin in my house has been enthusiastically dropped into these great piggy banks. Thank you College Savings Dolls!!! Love them!!
- Alisa (Chicago, IL)

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We hope you love your new College Savings Dolls!

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